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Venus in Fleurs Extrait de Parfum

Venus in Fleurs Extrait de Parfum

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In a greenhouse at twilight, jumbles of intoxicating jasmine, ripe mangos, and black vanilla pods entrance in the lingering humidity. Carnivorous plants lie in wait, threatening to consume you whole.

Notes: Ripe mango, carnivorous plants, humidity, jasmine sambac absolute, vanilla absolute

Category: Green Fruity Floral

Note: There is normal variation in color between batches due to the natural materials. The color of the perfume may vary from a greenish amber to chartreuse.

Hand-blended with high quality perfumery materials, this scent is formulated at an extrait de parfum strength (more of the good stuff in your bottle) to provide maximum longevity and projection for the scent profile. 

Choose from a coconut oil base for increased longevity, an alcohol base for more projection, or layer for the best of both worlds. We also now have an isopropyl myristate (IPM) base for our international customers who prefer a spray. The base can change the scent slightly; oil tends to bring out the richer base notes of a perfume and ages beautifully over time; alcohol tends to bring out lighter, fresher top notes and spice.

*Alcohol-based perfumes cannot be shipped internationally. If you are outside of the U.S., please choose an oil-based version or our international spray based in IPM.

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