About Us

At Sorce, I view scent as an interactive art form that serves as self-expression across the full range of human emotion and experience. I make fine fragrances, hand-blended with the highest quality materials, available at accessible prices. My perfumes are designed to be a collectible, "crave-able", whimsical form of self-expression and daily pleasure.

Creating scents for Sorce is about joy, creativity, and community. It's a company founded by a fragrance enthusiast, for fragrance enthusiasts - and as a member of the indie fragrance community myself, I make business decisions with community in mind. This is why you'll find unusual fragrance notes specifically requested by community members in our perfumes, a commitment to high-quality materials, a range of size and format options, and that none of our scents ever truly disappear (unless a material is no longer available).

Find me @ShopSorce on Tiktok and Instagram, or u/APartyOrSomething on Reddit.

I live in Charlotte, NC with my husband, a very pampered Puggle, and two unusual cats (all rescues). I also like to write, and am currently working on my first book.